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Danny Mendez- Zoologist, Host, Producer, Creator, BeastMaster!

Danny Mendez is a Professional Zoologist with a rich background in the Zoo & herpetological world.  He began his career as a zookeeper at WCS the Bronx Zoo in NY & later Turtleback Zoo in NJ and went on to become the Senior Animal Keeper at a well known museum in the New York City area designing exhibits and life support systems on award-winning exhibits. Danny is well-known for his knowledge on Reptiles & Amphibians and has appeared on various TV & Radio shows such as History Channel's MonsterQuest and Radio Disney and was a two-term president for the NJ Herpetological Society and is well known for breeding spectacular tree boas belonging to the genus Corallus.  He is also a licensed falconer & certified SCUBA diver.

Andy V. - Co-Host & Resident Wingman


Andy (on left Fanboying out with Kerry King) is no stranger to the reptile world having worked as a wildlife educator and maintaining a varied Reptile collection at home.  A long time friend of Danny's, Andy was a natural wingman and cornerstone of the Urban Jungles Radio show. 

Sky Stevens- Rattlesnake Round Up Correspondent /Field Correspondent

Sky Stevens is a Biology Student, Wildlife enthhusiast, and Herp & Invert lover making her a natural fit here at UJR.Sky carries the important, but heart-wrenching task of reporting to us from many of the Rattlesnake Round Up festivals occurring across Texas.  She's working closely with other organizations to help put a stop to these barbaric events.  As long as they go on, you can count on Sky to report live for UJR straight from the trenches!

Sky's invertebrate enthusiasm is as much of a breath of fresh air as she is, when Sky talks...everyone listens.   

Emma Lock - International Correspondent 

UJR continues to deliver hard hitting and fun reports from around the world with the help of our international reporter hailing from across the pond in the U.K.  When she's not Acting (The Human Centipede 2), Modeling (Vogue), caring for or rescuing animals and educating the masses about wildlife (Michael's Mobile Menagerie)...she's right here on UrbanJunglesRadio reporting on a wide range of topics as only we can bring them to you. 

Be sure to follow Emma on twitter if you just can't get enough! @emma_lock 

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