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Help UJR Expose the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundups !

Every year in the Town of Sweetwater, Texas...thousands of Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes are collected for an annual weekend-long celebration which involves decapitating, skinning, and making trinkets out of the many thousands of severely stressed snakes.  

Since its start a half a century ago, roundup participants have turned in more than 123 tons of Western Diamondbacks. Yes, 123 tons. As in 246,000 pounds.   It is a modern-day massacre and crime against nature. These snakes are often taken by pouring gasoline into their burrows poisoning countless other animals as well. The Rattlesnake roundups financially benefit the local Chamber of Commerce and is thus accepted and celebrated.

This year Urban Jungles Radio attended the Roundup but we were kept out by the townspeople as well as law enforcement.  Upon our arrival we were immediately served with a Criminal Tresspass violation and threatened with arrest.  Please watch our video for more information. 



If you would like to help, please contact the follow sponsors of the roundup in a civil and intelligent matter.  Tell them you are opposed to their support and participation in this specific event.  Tell them that as a consumer they will never see any of your money if they do not stop sponsoring this event.  They should be embarrassed about being part of this barbaric annual event and should reconsider any association. 
603 SW Ave., Sweetwater, TX 79556
(800) 773-0527
Tenaska Energy Trailblazers
 Lloyd HarrisTenaska Community RepresentativeTenaska Trailblazer Energy CenterCommunity Relations Office
400 E. Broadway, Suite 110
Sweetwater, TX 79556
(325) 480-2552


Wal Mart of Sweetwater

 407 N.e. Georgia Avenue

Sweetwater, Texas 79556

Phone: (325) 236-9562

Corporate Ethics Dept. 





Help us to help Rattlesnakes...please.

Donate via Paypal: danny@urbanjungles.com


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