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Keep Your Cats Indoors!

Every year cats are responsible for BILLIONS of animal deaths annually.  Just one cat can make a major impact on native wildlife populations and in some historical cases cats are known to destroy entire populations.  Feral cats account for huge numbers of deaths and injury to native wildlife and therefore here at UrbanJunglesRadio we do not support Trap Neuter Release (TNR) programs.  

Although these programs are effective in controlling cat population numbers, they do nothing to protect native wildlife. They are ineffective in killing wildlife as well as infecting wild mammals with Toxoplasmosis which is spread through contact with cat feces.  Equally as destructive are housecoats allowed to roam outdoors unsupervised in wildlife areas.  Just because a cat is well-fed it does not mean it will not kill.  Many cats often kill wildlife without consuming or even presenting it to their owners leaving death and destruction in their wake.

If you care anything about wildlife, please keep your cats indoors! 


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